Michael Baranov ( michaelbaranov) wrote in xkbconfig,
Michael Baranov

XKB and GTK shortcuts


I'm new to the community and, as all newbies, I'm seeking answers ;-)

My biggest problem after migration from Windpws to Linux was the keyboard in GTK-based GUI applications (Eclipse, Firefox). The problems is that while in non-latin group (for me it's 'ru'), key combinations with CTRL and ALT do not work correctly. I get CTRL+Я instead of CTRL+Z ...

Some people on the net say it's a bug in GTK, some say it's a trouble of each of the GTK-based applications. All I know it that it renders those applications barely useful!

I was wondering if there exists a pure XKB solution? The basic idea is to use latin letter if Control or Alt (Mod1) are present. What about xmodmap?

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