nazartm8 (nazartm8) wrote in xkbconfig,

Level clarification needed

Hi guys,

Let me get straight to my problem. The turkmen keyboard has different letters where x, c, v and q are supposed to be. So in the turkmen keyboard layout, I used:


To get ctrl shortcuts (copy, paste, cut, quit) to work. However, after adding these, the altGr doesn't work, we use altGr to get x, c, v which we do need in international words, though not frequently.

I looked at some other layouts they have lines such as FOUR_LEVEL, FOUR_LEVEL_ALPHABETIC. I'm guessing these are the ones to be used, though, if I substitute these, the ctrl shortcuts stop working. I frankly don't understand the mechanism, I got this far with try & fail. If anyone sees my problem, please share some tips :)

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